The Centre for Regional Integration in Africa (CRIA), the first of its kind on the continent, is a dedicated African Centre for regional integration that not only seeks to meet the challenges of region –building and regional integration in Africa, it but also offers the much-needed leadership at all levels in this key aspect of African development.

In the first instance, CRIA acts as a focal point for research on the problems and challenges of regionalism with a view to generating necessary data for effective policy formulation and implementation.

Second, the Centre provides core competent skills for handling policy formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of issues on region – building and regional integration and award Masters degrees, diplomas and certificates.

Third, it serves as a documentation and resource centre for policy makers, governments, productive sector groups in the private sector, NGOs, as well as donor institutions and agencies which have an interest in regional integration. Finally, CRIA offers consultancy and other advisory services to governments and the regional integration schemes.