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Master of Arts Degree in Regional Integration and African Development (MRIAD)

2-Year Online Master of Arts Degree in Regional Integration and African Development (MRIAD)

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Programme Overview

The unique 2-year online course seeks to build cadres of highly trained and skilled experts to enhance national capacity for regional and continental integration in Africa, particularly as the continent is operationalising the African Continental Free Trade Area. It provides a much-needed opportunity for state actors (e.g. staff of Ministries, Departments, and Agencies) and non-state actors (e.g. private sector, civil society, journalists, individuals) to have a well-grounded understanding of the multi-dimensional complexities of integration for management of regionalism and African development.

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Programme Duration

  • 2 –year, 36 credit programme, and requires a thesis

Admission Requirements

  • A good bachelor’s degree (a second class lower or better) or equivalent professional qualification from a recognised professional institution;
  • A 3rd Class and any Post Certificate with 5 years work experience or Diploma and a minimum of 10 years work experience.

Online Programme

The Masters degree programmes are carefully structured to suit the busy schedules of today’s participants

Evenings Only Classes

Target Groups

  • Individuals with an interest in regional integration and African Development etc.
  • Diplomatic Corps
  • Public service
  • Judiciary
  • Parliament
  • Media
  • Development Agencies
  • Private Sector
  • Trade Unions
  • Security and Intelligence Agencies
  • African Union (AU) and Regional Communities (e.g. ECOWAS, AMU, COMESA, EAC, ECCAS, SADC IGAAD etc.)
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For Further Enquiries Contact
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CRIA Secretariat, Consultancy Building Annex,
Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration
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